Accessible Remote Work and Covid-19

Some links for organising remote work, like remote meetings, video presentations, online teaching, and web content accessibility

Remote Meetings

Here are couple of suggestions collected from a variety of sources and personal experience (see detailed suggestions from University of Washington on accessible online meetings here)

  • Encourage participants state their name and institution each time they speak. 
  • Ask participants limit the background noise as much as possible and mute themselves when not speaking.
  • When URLs or other resources are mentioned, have someone designated to type them into the chat window – or follow up with participants after the meeting.
  • Allow folks to ask questions either by (1) using a hand raising function and asking verbally or (2) by typing in the chat. 
  • Encourage folks to look at their name in the participant list and change it to their First Last if it defaulted to something else.
  • When possible, have someone manage the chat and another person lead the meeting. Depending on the size of the meeting, it can be challenging to do both.

Best practices for common video technology

Captioning Services

Remote Video Presentation

A Remote Video Presentation Guideline

Online Teaching

Accessible Online Teaching Guidelines (Aimi Hamraie’s step-by-step guide)

Preparing to Teach During an Outbreak

Moving Your Course or Resource Online

20 Tips for Teaching an Accessible Online Course

30 Web Accessibility Tips

Distance Learning Blog Posts

Accessibility 101

Country-Specific Accessibility Laws

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