About AccessSIGCHI

We advocate for disability visibility in conference organizing within SIGCHI, with a focus on making conferences and the publication process more accessible.  Our goal is to move the SIGCHI community forward to the point where accessibility is the default in conference organization and disabled researchers are able to comfortably participate in all SIGCHI activities.

We have close connections with other accessibility-focused groups, especially the ACM SIG on Accessibility, SIGACCESS.  SIGACCESS has a mission to support accessibility research and to promote interests of students and faculty with disabilities across ACM, while AccessSIGCHI advocates for accessibility within SIGCHI conferences while supporting SIGACCESS’s broader mission whenever possible. Read more about us here.

Results of 2021 Election announced.

COVID-19 Alert: Resources for Virtual Conferences

Conference organizers moving to online-only conferences because of COVID-19 should make sure that remote conference sessions are accessible. Find our resources on virtual-only conferences and remote session attendance here.

Resources for Conference Organizers

We have compiled resources and best practices on accessibility for a range of needs to help conference organizers make sure that all attendees are able to have a positive and productive experience. Visit our page for conference organizers.

Resources for Conference Attendees

All attendees should contribute to making conferences an accessible experience for everyone. We have advice on how to get your accommodation needs met and how you can help to make sure others’ needs are met as well. Visit our page of resources and advice for conference attendees.

AccessSIGCHI Writing

You can find up-to-the-moment links, personal narratives, and other more informal resources on our blog. We also post on Medium under accesssigchi

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