Guideline for Virtual Workshop Using “Teams” with a small group of external guests (about 10-50 people)

(via Microsoft University Relations)

For participants new to Teams

  • You can join Teams meetings using the Teams desktop app (preferred), web client (for best experience use Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome web browsers), or mobile app.  An Office 365 or Teams license is not required.
  • We highly recommend you use and download the Microsoft Teams desktop app in advance.

As a workshop participant

  • We have created and added you to the workshop Teams Channel as a “guest member”.  Here you can Access and Upload Files/Presentations.
  • As a Guest in Teams, you should have received a welcome email from the team owner (Name:Team Owner), inviting you to join.  After accepting invitation, you can participate in teams and channels, receive and respond to channel messages, access files in channels, and participate in chat.

Making the meeting more inclusive

  • Please feel free to use video so attendees can interact face to face (you can blur your background to conceal your surroundings if you like).
  • Pause to make sure all remote attendees have a chance to speak.
  • Monitor the meeting chat for comments and questions.
  • Remind attendees to mute when they aren’t speaking to reduce background noise and distractions.  All presenters have the power to mute participants.

Inform the participants

  • The organizer has added participants to the Teams meeting as a presenter so you can share content from your own screen.
  •  If your internet provider is experiencing bandwidth issues (for example, because many people in your neighborhood are working from home), Teams will scale back features to reduce its bandwidth needs. Your video may turn off or you may not be able to participate in screen sharing so that there is enough bandwidth to maintain audio.
  •  [if you plan to record] We plan to record the meeting for the purposes of notetaking. If you have any concerns let us know in advance.
  • Note that joining meeting through web app from web browsers other than Google Chrome may mean you are unable to share content.  You can learn more on Microsoft Teams product page which includes IT guidance, and more.