Accessible Remote Work and Covid-19

Some links for organising remote work, like remote meetings, video presentations, online teaching, and web content accessibility

Remote Meetings

Here are couple of suggestions based on our previous experiences

  • Encourage participants state their name and institution each time they speak. 
  • Ask participants limit the background noise as much as possible and mute themselves when not speaking.
  • When URLs or other resources are mentioned, have someone designated to type them into the chat window – or follow up with participants after the meeting.
  • Allow folks to ask questions either by (1) using a hand raising function and asking verbally or (2) by typing in the chat. 
  • Encourage folks to look at their name in the participant list and change it to their First Last if it defaulted to something else.
  • When possible, have someone manage the chat and another person lead the meeting. Depending on the size of the meeting, it can be challenging to do both.

A Video Chat Guideline with “Teams” of Microsoft

Remote Video Presentation

A Remote Video Presentation Guideline

Online Teaching

Distance Learning Blog Posts

Accessibility 101

Country-Specific Accessibility Laws