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EC Election Candidates

To improve accessibility of election information, AccessSIGCHI has created a page with information about the election candidates’ platforms. These are verbatim from the SIGCHI pdf of election bios. If you also want to see candidate CVs, for now, please check the PDF. We are working on getting them up here too, however the original PDF does not maintain formatting well when copy/paste is used which makes that time consuming.

To participate in the election, you must be a SIGCHI member  and look for an email from acmsighelp@mg.electionservicescorp.com on whatever email address is associated with your ACM account. That email will have instructions for how to vote.

The following positions are up for election (click to go to that section of this document). To find out more about our conversations with the candidates for president/vice president, please see our opinion on the importance of accessibility in this election.

President and Vice President

Neha Kumar & Shaowen Bardzell

Neha Kumar, Candidate for President

I am honored to run for SIGCHI President — a position that channels the needs and aspirations of a growing, diverse, distributed membership. I aim to ensure inclusive infrastructures, a strong global SIGCHI presence, and amplified impact through the ACM. Working with Shaowen Bardzell and the Executive Committee, I will:

  1. Expand technical infrastructures that uphold high accessibility standards, support transparency and responsiveness in communication/decision-making, and enhance preparedness for hybrid and sustainable conference futures.
  2. Respond to structural inequities and barriers to participation worldwide, facilitating access to research venues, educational resources, funding support, and volunteer development. This will require nurturing local/regional influence, expanding efforts I lead as Vice-President at Large (e.g., SIGCHI Development Fund, regional SIGCHI committees).
  3. Inform ACM-wide impact through exemplary SIGCHI practices, e.g., around research ethics, peer review, open access. Bring ACM’s successes to SIGCHI, e.g., the Future of Computing Academy (that I chair) for cultivating leadership.

Shaowen and I aim for greater global awareness and responsibility throughout SIGCHI, with cross-cutting values of equity, inclusion, and solidarity. We will amplify SIGCHI’s impact on other ACM units and synergistic disciplines, towards shaping the future of computing overall.

Shaowen Bardzell, Candidate for Vice President

Working closely with SIGCHI, ACM, and stakeholders, I will expand the reach of SIGCHI research and practice in two directions. One is external, seeking to raise the impact of SIGCHI in and beyond the ACM community. The other is internal, replacing barriers with pathways to participation — in the Global South, adjacent academic disciplines, and more.

Specifically, I will (1) build on my experience as co-founder of SIGCHI CARES to create infrastructures to help ensure that all voices are heard and taken seriously, with an emphasis on those that have historically been marginalized; (2) extend my work as Vice-President at Large on the SIGCHI Executive Committee to bolster leadership pipelines and widen opportunities to participate in them; (3) develop mechanisms to translate and disseminate SIGCHI scientific contributions to local ACM chapters, the technology press, and social media; (4) craft new roles and supports for those interested in conference hosting, scholarship dissemination, and interdisciplinary collaboration, leveraging my experiences serving on over a dozen program committees, including technical program chair and conference co-chair.

With Neha Kumar, I am committed to making ACM/SIGCHI accountable to our membership, and to systematizing processes that will establish equity and inclusivity as the norm.

Regina Bernhaupt & Aaron Quigley

Regina Bernhaupt, Candidate for President

In these challenging times our vision is to focus on making things better for SIGCHI members. Quality of experience means less can be more, as bigger is not always better. 

Our focus (see also Aaron Quigley’s statement): 

Next Generation Drawing on the strengths of the foundational generation of HCI our goal is to support young researchers to grow individually by establishing a mentorship program, supporting community-led activities for early and mid-career researchers, to engage them in SIGCHI leadership as well as establishing a new membership model for SIGCHI together with the ACM. Publication Processes Conferences are the engine of innovation within SIGCHI and we aim to support them as they evolve new ways of publishing the highest quality of the technical content. We will support training programs for reviewers, SIGCHI-wide training for organizers, supporting the development of new models of publication for some of our key conferences that better fit our member’s needs. 

The SIGCHI community is close to our hearts and we both have been devoting more than 15 years to this international community making it grow. We want to develop high programs while keeping SIGCHI a friendly, welcoming, inclusive, and open international community.

Aaron Quigley, Candidate for Vice President

I will focus on the following issues (also see Regina Bernhaupt’s statement): Our Global Community: SIGCHI brings together a global HCI community, sponsoring 24 conferences and providing in-cooperation support for over 30 more. While on the EC, we helped to establish new ways to extend the reach of our conferences, publications and activities. Now is the time to enact these changes across SIGCHI. We will grow our global community with chapters, practitioner groups, broadening participation and regional activities. 

Impact: HCI has changed the world, yet this isn’t always fully appreciated. Our contributions should be communicated better to the world, from education to the public. We will establish SIGCHI-365, a new format that builds on successful activities within SIGCHI showcasing research contributions including videos, interviews, papers, or workshop outcomes, enabling discussion of latest trends and supporting education by sharing best practices. SIGCHI-365 should be a new format and resource enabling people at all career stages to show their impact on the HCI field and beyond. Through my many years with SIGCHI in conference leadership roles to VP of Conferences, I have developed the skills and experience I can bring to the role of Executive Vice President.

Vice President for Finance

Andrew Kun

I am running for the position of SIGCHI Vice-President for Finance. Since January 2020, I have served as SIGCHI Interim Vice-President for Conferences. This position provided me the opportunity to collaborate with many SIGCHI volunteers, during a tumultuous time for our community. I learned a great deal from members of our community, as we all endeavored to maintain the scientific output of conferences, provide broad access to online venues, and maintain financial stability for our community. 

I would like to leverage these experiences in the position of SIGCHI Vice-President for Finance. If elected, my focus will be on the following three goals: 

  1. Transparency of finances: I will work to provide the entire SIGCHI community a clear picture of our sources of revenue, of spending decisions in the community, and how each community member can participate in these decisions. 
  2. Equal access: So many in our community have strived to provide equal access to our conferences for everyone. I will work wholeheartedly to further these efforts. 
  3. Financial health: The last year has been challenging, but our community has managed our finances well. I will work with all stakeholders to maintain the financial health of SIGCHI. 

Manjiri Joshi

I am honored to be selected as one of the candidates for the position of Vice-President of Finance. I have served in different roles at India HCI conferences. I was the Local Arrangements Chair at INTERACT 2017. I have been the Liaison for India on the SIGCHI Asian Development Committee since 2019 and the Vice-chair of the Mumbai SIGCHI Chapter since 2019. 

It has been inspiring to see the efforts of the EC and the organisers of various conferences over the past year in adapting to the changing scenario, striving to make the program accessible across time zones, bringing some of the experiences of attending a physical conference to the virtual medium, and also long-standing initiatives to support research activities through funds and grants. If elected, I look forward to contributing to the community and learning from the experience.

Vice-President for Membership and Communications

Rucha Sameer Tulaskar

I am honored to be selected to run for Vice-President for Membership and Communications. With blend of experience in industry and academia, I have over 18 years of experience in the field of HCI as a lead designer and researcher. I have also been a lecturer for undergraduate students and contributed to academic research. I have the experience of forming the first professional chapter in India and currently serving as a chair of ACM SIGCHI Mumbai Chapter since 2019.

Being a HCI practitioner myself, as a Vice-President of Membership and communication, I would like to increase the visibility of SIGCHI community in the professional network by being the bridge between academia and industry. I would also like to highlight and increase the female participation. SIGCHI can give them recognition to inspire younger generation in the field. 

It is a vision to expand SGCHI into third world countries where HCI practices are not prevalent, and the curriculum is not standardized. SIGCHI can be a facilitator to spread the value of HCI in the fast pace technological advancements, so the experts and educators can innovate, explore the impact of technology on human life and make right policies.

Tamara Lynnette Clegg

As an HCI and learning sciences researcher, I am passionate about community. As Vice President of Member and Communications, I would draw on my experience co-directing the Youth eXperience (YX) lab at the University of Maryland, and my experiences serving on the program committees in CHI (AC, 2018, 2021), IDC (AC-2015, short papers co-chair-2017, doctoral consortium co-chair-2019), and the American Educational Research Association (Chair, Advanced Learning Technologies SIG, 2016-2017).

As SIGCHI continues to grow, we must enhance our membership and communications strategy. If elected, I will focus on drawing in, increasing engagement, and sustaining members from groups currently underrepresented in SIGCHI including, but not limited to: Black & Indigenous People of Color, interdisciplinary researchers, and researchers who take methodological and disciplinary approaches that are novel to SIGCHI. I would employ listening and reflection sessions with current and potential members to understand how we can better support and engage our diverse members and implement new and inclusive communications strategies based on what we learn. Additionally, I will establish mechanisms and infrastructure for communicating SIGCHI opportunities consistently and equitably throughout the SIGCHI community.

Simone Kriglstein

I am honored to have been nominated as SIGCHI Vice-President for Membership and Communications. Since 2019, I have been a part of the SIGCHI communications committee. I have been an active ACM volunteer and I have been involved in the organization of conferences and workshops in various roles.

I attended my first CHI conference in 2005 in Portland, where I participated in the Student Design Competition. It was my first conference ever and I was particularly looking forward to meeting the people whose work I closely followed in my studies and to see the latest trends in HCI. I was impressed and inspired by the people and work of the community and as such attending CHI 2005 became a key moment for my career.

My role as Vice-President for Membership and Communications would give me the opportunity to contribute back to the community. Since my experience showed me that it is of great importance to be part of an academic community to advance one’s career, I’m interested in supporting the onboarding process of new members and communicating the benefits of membership while recognizing the existing ideas and values. 

Vice President at Large

Luis A. Castro

I feel honored to run for the Vice-President at Large position for ACM SIGCHI. I have been a member of ACM since 2007 and have been regularly attending conferences organized/sponsored by ACM since I was a Masters student in 2005. Although this is the first time I will get involved in ACM’s elected positions, I have held chairing positions in the past in two different associations in Mexico and the UK. I have also been involved multiple times in conference organizing committees and as a member of the technical program committee. 

I believe I can help by providing some of the expertise I have gathered along the way. If elected, I will work diligently with the other members of the Executive Committee by providing a broader perspective about the needs of professionals and researchers in developing economies such as those referred to as the Global South. Also, I will help foster collaboration with other academic and professional entities related to HCI. I strongly believe that ACM and SIGCHI can lead the efforts to strengthen links and pave the way for a stronger international HCI community. Be well and safe!

Adriana S. Vivacqua

It is my pleasure to run for Vice President-at-Large for ACM SIGCHI. In addition to having served in multiple leadership roles for SIGCHI conferences, I currently serve as Vice Chair of Equity on the SIGCHI EC. For the past year, I’ve been involved in  SIGCHI’s efforts to support and develop global communities, supporting locally led initiatives worldwide. Recently, I have been working on the creation of a SIGCHI Latin America Committee, to strengthen ties between the SIGCHI and the local HCI communities, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.

These experiences have given me a broader vision of SIGCHI’s worldwide presence, activities, and influence on worldwide communities and a better understanding of issues faced by different groups. I am committed to increasing diversity in the HCI community, especially regarding global representation. Many global communities would like to have stronger participation in the SIGCHI community, so we should act to make that happen. I will lead the EC’s efforts to increase the participation of members from underrepresented communities, increase the visibility of their work, and encourage networking and partnerships beyond borders. Thus, SIGCHI can grow into a global research network, well-positioned to address novel challenges with global implications. 

Lauren Wilcox

I am delighted to have been nominated to serve as Vice President at Large for SIGCHI.

Over the past 13 years, the community has nurtured my career, and it would be an honor to give back. I will bring the perspective of someone who has both navigated an academic career path and has led many industry projects. I will also build on my strong  relationships in the community and compassionate leadership skills, to support our shared goal to “listen, reflect, act, and represent” our members.

In addition to responding to requests of the committee, I would also work toward:

  1. Continuing to strengthen scholarship, innovation, and community-building, across hybrid digital and physical settings. A synthesis of lessons learned from 2020-2021 could guide hybrid models for many forms of events and community participation going Forward. 
  2. Supporting the growth and sustainment of safe spaces to address systemic injustices that harm members of our community, building on the work of previous committee members.
  3. Evaluating and responding to our members’ needs for guidance related to academic/industry partnerships. My career path has provided me with insights into both sides of these partnerships and the common risks and benefits of them.

Christopher Frauenberger

I am honoured to be considered in the SIGCHI elections for the position of Vice-President at Large. I have been part of the HCI community for my entire professional career and would be thrilled to contribute to shaping its future. In my work, I have focused on participatory design as a means to create meaningful digital technologies with and for people. This has also led me to be concerned about the broader implications of technologies within the complexities of real-world contexts. Technology is no neutral actor in configuring our lives and the field of HCI has always been at the forefront of researching and designing for the multi-facetted relationships between humans and digital technology. 

Thus, I would like to make the responsibilities we face as individuals as well as a community, both towards our societies and our planet, the central theme that I hope to bring to this position. I would like to help us develop a culture of critical reflexivity that is mirrored in the structures, processes, and events of our scientific community. Building on my work in the SIGCHI Ethics Committee I would like to expand my view towards responsible research and innovation in HCI.

Naomi Yamashita

I am honored to be nominated for SIGCHI Vice-President at Large. My relationship with SIGCHI began after I received my doctorate. Since my background was not HCI, I initially had few acquaintances at SIGCHI. It was also hard for me to interact with people because of the language barrier. Yet, the people of the SIGCHI community were kind and warmly welcomed me. That warmth helped me gradually expand my circle of contacts, and I have become active in various SIGCHI roles. I have recently become interested in  growing SIGCHI’s ties to local communities, pursuing this goal by serving roles such as Vice Chair of the SIGCHI Japan Chapter and organizing the CSCW Asia Winter School.

If elected, I will work to build an inclusive and diverse community. Just as the SIGCHI community has been kind to me in the past, I will promote activities that broaden the diversity of participants and support young scholars’ career development. I believe that most social problems we face today cannot be solved without interdisciplinary and intercultural perspectives. I am committed to developing opportunities for people with different backgrounds to come together to address important problems.

Sheena Erete

As a community advocate and researcher, I would be honored to leverage my expertise as SIGCHI Vice President at Large. I have been a member of SIGCHI for over a decade, first serving as a student volunteer (CSCW 2008; IWIC 2009; CHI 2009, 2010; ICIC 2010 (chair)).

I have demonstrated my leadership skills at my university as Chair of Ph.D., college research, tenure and promotion, and four tenure-track hiring committees. Additionally, I have also served SIGCHI in multiple capacities — CSCW 2020 panel chair, CSCW 2019 AC, CHI 2018 AC, as an annual reviewer since 2009, and the editor of the Community and Culture forum for ACM Interactions.

My experience in ACM illustrates both its beauty and the need for systemic change within the organization that emphasizes equity for all. In 2020, the civil unrest reminded us of the unfair treatment that Black and Brown people experience, leading me to join the ACM Taskforce on Systemic Change as a way to advocate for inclusion, fairness, and justice. If elected, I will engage members in ways we can continue to transform SIGCHI into an organization that embraces inclusion, diversity, and equity through systemic, and sometimes difficult, change.

Instruction on how to vote (Link directs to sigchi.org)