Accessibility Chair Resources

AccessSIGCHI is organising trainings for all accessibility chairs. Our aim is to facilitate open discussions and to share good practices from previous events.

Resources for Accessibility Chairs

  • How can I get more information about accessibility chairs trainings?
  • The training content, duration and time are defined based on the requests. The first thing you can do is to request access conference accessibility chairs list here:
  • When do these trainings take place?
  • We aim to hold these meetings quarterly, starting on February 2021. The time and duration of each meeting is going to be announced via conference accessibility chairs list.
  • Where can I get previous presentations?
  • We are currently developing training materials for Accessibility Chairs. In the meantime, please join the Accessibility Chair mailing list (above) to get updates on resources. You can also feel free to email the list with questions, or reach out directly to our communications chair (Elaine Short <>